Valipac is the only accredited organisation in Europe for the extended producer responsibility applied to commercial and industrial packaging. We collect and analyse reliable data on the sorting and recycling of commercial and industrial (packaging) waste. Using this knowledge, we identify opportunities and challenges in the waste chain and, in collaboration with sector federations and waste collectors, we implement actions to encourage companies to sort more and better. We are also working on innovations to transform waste into new raw material with more applications in Europe to achieve a fully circular economy for industrial packaging.

RecyClass offers a tool for assessing the recyclability of plastic packaging on its website. We recommend the use of these guidelines, which are standardised at European level.

Post-Consumer Recycled material comes from selective collections in companies or from materials sorted in sorting centres. It is opposed to Post-Industrial Recycled, which refers to production waste collected in companies.

The list of recyclers certified by EuCertPlast can be found on their website. This list is regularly updated.

Only Valipac’s customers can benefit from the bonus.

The bonus only applies to commercial and industrial plastic packaging made out of at least 30% post-consumer recycled content used to sell goods on the Belgian market. Those packaging need to be certified and must come from a supplier registered on this website.

The bonus applies to packaging of goods put on the Belgian market between 1 January and 31 December of each reference year.

Only suppliers registered on the myRecycledContent platform by 31 December of the year for which the bonus applies will be able to pass on the bonus to their customers. Example: A supplier registered in 2023 will be able to pass on the bonus to its customers from the reference year 2023 onwards but not before.

The bonus is calculated on the basis of the annual declaration of the quantities of commercial and industrial packaging plastic containing at least 30% post-consumer recycled material used to market the goods in Belgium during the reference year. However, Valipac’s reimbursement can in no case be higher than the annual contribution as a party responsible for packaging.

If you use less than 200 kg of PCR on an annual basis, you will receive a flat-rate bonus of € 10. From an annual use of 201 kg onwards, we will determine your bonus according to the calculation example shown below.

Example: You have purchased shrink-wrap containing 50% recycled material. The total weight of these shrink-wraps is 20 tonnes. 60% of this packaging is intended for the Belgian market (40% for export). Your bonus: 20 tonnes * 60% = 12 tonnes of which 50% is recycled material = 6 tonnes * 50€ = 300€.

The bonus is paid in the form of a discount on the Valipac invoice. It is based on the  declaration to Valipac of the quantities of commercial and industrial plastic packaging with at least 30% recycled content put on the Belgian market during the reference year (to be submitted before the end of February of the year following the reference year). In no case may this quantity exceed the total quantity of plastic that you report in your annual declaration.

As a packaging supplier, you provide proof that the packaging is made from post-consumer recycled material by 1) purchasing the raw material from EuCertPlast (or equivalent) certified recyclers and 2) having your product certified by an accredited certification body according to an audit protocol accepted by Polycert or according to the Recyclass audit protocol for recycled content .
As a user of packaging, you keep your purchase invoices for packaging made from recycled content and make them, on demand, available to Valipac.

Commercial and industrial packaging is all packaging that is not considered household packaging. Primary (sales) packaging is either household or industrial (see decision tree). With the exception of multipacks, all secondary (groupage) packaging is industrial. This is also the case for tertiary (transport) packaging.