How does this platform work

Why should you use packaging made from recycled content?

By choosing packaging made from recycled plastics, your company will enhance its image and gain a competitive advantage.

Your advantages

  • As a Valipac client, your company receives a bonus of 50€/tonne of recycled material contained in the commercial and industrial plastic packaging put on the Belgian market. The bonus only applies to packaging containing a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled material.

    If you use less than 200 kg of PCR on an annual basis, you will receive a flat-rate bonus of € 10.

  • You indicate the quantity of PCR used via your annual Valipac declaration. As soon as the quantity of PCR has been validated and approved by Valipac, you will receive an e-mail with the attached logo. You may use this logo for one year in your internal and external communication. The logo will be updated annually.

    Label - Approved by Valipac - My Recycled Content

Our platform only offers a listing of packaging with recycled content. It does not sell the packaging and does not provide any price information.
However, you have access to the contact details of the various suppliers in case you want to contact them for further information or to place an order.

Find your packaging

For which packaging does the bonus apply?

Suppliers list all commercial and industrial plastic packaging made from at least 30% recycled (post-consumer) material.
Please check back from time to time as new suppliers and packaging types are added regularly.

Belarus, The City Of Mensk, April 12, 2019. Chemical Production.

Flexible packaging

  • Stretch film
  • Stretch hoods
  • Shrink film
  • Shrink hoods
  • Top covers and hoods
  • Tiesheets
  • Protective sheets
  • FFS (form fill seal)
  • Bags and big bags
  • Strappings
  • Others

Rigid packaging

  • Buckets with lid > 10 l
  • Drums > 20 l
  • IBC bubble
  • Foamed protective profiles
  • Others