Use C&I packaging made from recycled plastics
and get a bonus from Valipac.

This platform is an initiative of Valipac aiming to promote the use of commercial and industrial packaging made from recycled plastics by bringing together suppliers and professional users.

Clients of Valipac who reach out to a supplier listed on this site can obtain a bonus of €50/tonne for recycled material used in C&I plastic packaging, made from at least 30% post consumer recycled content (PCR).

Why use commercial and industrial packaging containing recycled plastics?

When we use packaging containing recycled plastics, we do more than just avoid extracting natural resources. Recycling one tonne of plastics also avoids the production of 3.03 tonnes of CO2.
Using recycled plastics in our commercial and industrial packaging also boosts recycling in Europe and local job creation.

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Get a bonus from Valipac!

Valipac wants to give an extra boost to the use of post consumer recycled plastics in commercial and industrial packaging. Valipac’s clients benefit from a bonus of 50€/tonne of recycled material used in C&I plastic packaging:

  • made from at least 30% post consumer recycled content (PCR),
  • used to sell their goods on the Belgian market
  • purchased from a supplier listed on the myRecycledContent platform not later than 31 December of the year for which the bonus applies.

Find your plastic packaging with recycled content

An initiative of Valipac

Valipac for a sustainable future.

Circular Economy


Valipac is the only accredited organisation in Europe for the extended producer responsibility applied to commercial and industrial packaging. We collect and analyse reliable data on the sorting and recycling of commercial and industrial (packaging) waste. Using this knowledge, we identify opportunities and challenges in the waste chain and, in collaboration with sector federations and waste collectors, we implement actions to encourage companies to sort more and better. We are also working on innovations to transform waste into new raw material with more applications in Europe to achieve a fully circular economy for industrial packaging.

Only Valipac’s customers can benefit from the bonus.

The bonus only applies to commercial and industrial plastic packaging made out of at least 30% post-consumer recycled content used to sell goods on the Belgian market. Those packaging need to be certified and must come from a supplier registered on this website.

Commercial and industrial packaging is all packaging that is not considered household packaging. Primary (sales) packaging is either household or industrial (see decision tree). With the exception of multipacks, all secondary (groupage) packaging is industrial. This is also the case for tertiary (transport) packaging.

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